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"My 2.5 year old daughter has been at Speech and Hearing for a year now for therapy, and we've seen her improve vastly in her communication! Working with Allison has been a huge blessing, and no doubt all the SLPs are wonderful as well! I definitely recommend them! We've gone from NO words to multi-word sentences. We will continue with them for a long time to come."

- Ashley O.


"My grandchild has been receiving speech therapy from one of the therapist at The Speech and Hearing Center. I have been amazed by her steady progress. This place is amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help for their loved ones."

- Karen E.


"I took my 2 year old here to have her speech evaluated and i loved it. The lady engaged my daughter in ways that i didn't think she could and she did everything asked of her. My daughter is very shy and doesnt take to very many people so i was so happy that it wasn't a wasted trip. She will be continuing her speech here. THANK YOU"

- Annetra T.


"My oldest daughter sees Stephanie one of the speech therapist. Stephanie is really good in what she does and my daughter improved a whole lot since last year."

- Theresa S.


"Our 1st visit was yesterday they did great with our daughter awesome place and facility."

- Brad M.

"The Speech and Hearing Center has been wonderful for my grandson. He has learned so much and continues to learn. We love The Speech and Hearing Center and would recommend it to anyone."

- Angela L.