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Aural Re/Habilitation

Aural Re/Habilitation

The Speech & Hearing Center offers therapy services for children and adults who are deaf, or who use assistive devices to maximize their hearing (cochlear implants, hearing aids, or bone-anchored hearing devices). 

What is Auditory Re/Habilitation?

  • Auditory Habilitation: Teaching infants/children the auditory skills necessary to understand and produce language.
  • Auditory Rehabilitation: Re-teaching an older child/adult, who at one time had hearing, how to use their assistive listening device to effectively comprehend spoken language.

Who Benefits from Auditory Re/Habilitation?

  • ALL AGES- Infants to adults needing any of the following:
  • Information regarding hearing loss or communication options,
  • Milestone monitoring,
  • Counseling,
  • Therapy to address listening and spoken language
  • Assistance educating others (teachers, caregivers,  coworkers, etc.) on appropriate communication strategies and accommodations
  • Making referrals to obtain necessary services (disability services, audiologist, ENT, educational psychologist, etc.) 

What services do we provide?

  • Counseling: Providing unbiased information regarding our patients’ hearing loss and their communication options.
  • Collaboration: Working closely with our patients’ ENT and/or audiologist to share and provide important information regarding current levels of auditory performance.
  • Consultation: Meeting with teachers/caregivers/others to provide information regarding appropriate accommodations to promote success in the classroom/workplace.
  • Therapy: Once a communication method has been decided upon, therapy services will maximize our patients’ communication. This can be through visual communication (American Sign Language), Total Communication (both spoken and signed), auditory oral, or auditory verbal* methods. Both group and individual sessions are offered to best meet our patients’ needs.

*If an auditory verbal method is selected, extensive parent training and involvement occurs during each therapy session. 

Scheduling Services

If you or your child is hearing impaired and could benefit from this therapy, please call 423.622.6900 to schedule an evaluation.