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Auditory Verbal Therapy

Auditory Verbal Therapy

The Speech & Hearing Center is fortunate to have the only therapist ceritified in Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) within a 110 mile radius. We also have a Deaf Educator who is working on her AVT certification. 

Why Choose Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT)?

Per the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Approximately 95% of parents of children with hearing loss are hearing themselves, and trends indicate that many parents are choosing spoken language as the primary mode of communication for their children with hearing loss. These parents are typically selecting therapy approaches that focus on the development of spoken language acquired exclusively through the use of aided residual hearing. This form of therapy is called Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) and the expected outcome of this form of therapy is that the patient will be completely integrated into the community of spoken language and be mainstreamed within both educational and vocational settings.

Who benefits from AVT?

Patients who are maximizing their hearing through amplification and who are devoted to using listening and spoken language as their means of communication. This form of therapy is specifically valuable for those with cochlear implants, but patients with hearing loss who utilize hearing aids are also good candidates for AVT.

How is AVT different from Speech Therapy?

  • AVT can begin as soon as a child has been diagnosed with a hearing loss (this includes infants). The earlier the therapy is initiated, the better the results.
  • Auditory verbal therapists have been highly trained to use specialized techniques in order to maximize hearing as the primary sense responsible to learning language.
  • Parent guidance, coaching, and demonstration is a primary pillar of this therapy so that parents ultimately become the primary facilitator of their child’s spoken language development.
  • Auditory skills are constantly monitored in order to provide the highest quality of hearing technology in collaboration with the patients’ audiologist.
  • Like speech therapy, AVT addresses speech and language as well as:
    • The hierarchy of auditory skills needed to comprehend speech and language
    • Social/pragmatic skills necessary to integrate into the “hearing world”
    • Cognitive skills needed to succeed in the mainstream classroom