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Industrial Services

Industrial Services

We offer mobile hearing testing for the community and companies which require OSHA compliance. 

Contact Jennifer Lindberg for more information or for shceduling  423-622-6900 ext. 206 or

Watch the video of what our 6 person mobile testing unit looks like at an industrial site here. 

The Speech & Hearing Center has always been at the forefront of hearing conservation. In 1971, we launched the first Industrial Services division in the Chattanooga Valley in response to the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). This meant that even before OSHA established the Hearing Conservation Act in 1984, the Speech & Hearing Center was already offering on-site hearing tests for industries. Today, over 150 companies rely on us to coordinate their hearing conservation programs, and mobile testing is offered to the southeast region, with audiogram reviews provided nationwide.

The Speech & Hearing Center has a thirty-foot mobile testing trailer unit with six individual testing booths that use Microlab microprocessor audiometers. It takes approximately 8-10 minutes per group, averaging 36 people per hour. We can test over 250 people in an eight hour shift, provided one group closely follows the other. Testing is performed using microprocessor audiometers by a CAOHC certified technician or a licensed audiologist. 

We provide industrial mobile hearing services to companies in surrounding areas of Tenneessee such as Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We look forward to providing services to your company!

We also offer all of our industrial clients 10% off the purchase of hearing devices, should testing indicate the need for one.