Proudly Celebrating 65 Years
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Proudly Celebrating 60 Years

Proudly Celebrating 60 Years

The Speech and Hearing Center, Chattanooga’s only non-profit speech and hearing organization, is pleased to celebrate its 60th year in service as a thriving audiology and speech pathology provider.  The Speech and Hearing Center opened in May, 1953, to provide diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for people with hearing and speech impairments, and to promote education and research related to communication disorders. 

Today, the organization is an integral resource for the region, providing services for all ages and all income levels.  The staff help parents identify speech and hearing impairments at an early age so that children can get the necessary treatment to be successful in school and beyond, while also helping adults by treating hearing loss. 

“We are very excited to be celebrating our 60th Anniversary as a vital resource for the region,” said Connie Fernández, President and CEO of the center.  “The level of devotion by our staff is outstanding, and the impact of our services is evidenced when children whom we serve are succeeding in school and interacting socially with peers, and when adults with hearing loss are communicating and engaged in the community. 

Fernández says that many of the staff at the center are dedicated employees of 25 years or more, and several began their relationship with the center as patients when they were young.  The dedication and hard work from the team is what keeps the center unique and thriving. 

“A majority of the patients we see would have to travel long distances or experience long waits if The Speech and Hearing Center were not in place to serve them.  We hope to continue making an impact in the lives of children and adults for many more years to come.”